Now — Global Serverless Deployments

Now makes serverless application deployment easy.
Don’t spend time configuring the cloud.
Just push your code.

Deploy in seconds
Now builds and deploys with maximum parallelization
Monorepo ready
Your frontend, your assets and your APIs in one place
Built-in CDN
A global CDN in front of all static and dynamic responses
No code changes
Our build process makes your apps serverless with no extra effort
My Node.js App

Say Goodbye to Servers

Managing server infrastructure is a pain. So is writing server code.
Focus instead on writing the functions that power your business. Because that’s what matters.

module.exports = (req, res) => {  res.end('Hello, World');}

One Repository to Rule Them All

Teams are more productive when all their code lives in one place.

Mix in your frontend pages (as static HTML or any powerful framework), your static assets (like logos and fonts), component libraries and all the APIs that bring them to life.

What’s more, our build lambdas can help you deploy your favorite programming language or framework with no code changes.

Fancy multiple repositories? We have your back there too.

Stop Waiting on Builds

Unlike most Continuous Integration (CI) solutions, Now only re-builds the parts of your
application that have changed. No matter how large your repository.

Code Splitting,

All the Way down

Now makes your code blazing fast: cold, hot and in-between. Your deployment is decomposed into small units of execution, all built, deployed and executed independently. Instead of deploying a large server, deploy lots of small functions that look and act as one.

Minimize friction. Maximize security. Speed up your cloud.

Scale to Billions.

Scale to Zero.

Each incoming request yields a unique thread of computation in the cloud. When your deployments are not active receiving traffic, you are not paying for infrastructure you don’t use. Instead of worrying about servers uptime, tedious CPU and memory allocations and scaling algorithms, you just think about your code. Scaling doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

Just push your code.